I'm going to create my own Twitter client at this point

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I’m on Twitter a lot, and with all that’s happening I find it increasingly hard to feel good and energized while going through my timeline.

Maybe it’s the overall available headspace with the kid, work from home, etc. Maybe it’s me aging badly. Maybe it’s the tweets linking to CH, which was a short while ago a mysognist, right-wing platform. I don’t know if my ideal client already exists (doubt it) so I’m just going to go ahead and create it.

Here’s a list of must-haves that’ll need to exist for me to be happy:

  • Only display tweets from lists (mine, someone else’s, multiple) – I don’t care about Twitter’s timeline feature. It’s garbage, even with the ‘latest tweets first’ settings, which isn’t a default for some reason

  • Keyword filters are “includes”, as well as “excludes”, on a list/user basis (in Tweetdeck for columns) – I don’t want to have to endure 25 tweets about the Royals, a miracle cure that’ll never exist in order to get an interesting tweet about my state or the virus situation in my countries (also works for people I enjoy following who occasionally talk about US politics; which is their right of course)

  • An option to disable showing retweets on a list/user basis – equally as important as the keyword filter for me

  • It will never, ever include a search integration, or any other toxic trending topics brought forward by Twitter

  • I’ll probably need to be able to reply to a tweet, although it’s probably more a nice-to-have requirement

Is that something that’ll be at all possible? No idea. I have this knowledge on how to create software so I for once will use it to make my life better.

If (when?) this fails, I’ll just remove myself from Twitter, which will be ok, and only rely on RSS feeds. Maybe even start writing more here 👍

UPDATE - 14/03/2021

Development has started here