If you’re going to use asynchronous pull requests, at least try to commit so the change log can be read like an actual summary.

“fix things”, “now it works” etc are NOT proper commit messages.

If you want someone (and yourself) to understand the changes you’re contributing, the commit message, the PR description are as important as the code you removed/added.

It’s all in the intent.

Well looks like my Mum won’t be able to visit us in February, based on the (knee-jerk) reaction of the government. This shit is depressing. The cost of no loss of lives, which I’m obviously all for, and a strong economy is going to be huge.

Basing conversations on fears of things that haven’t happened yet is a red flag

XP as an Incentive System – Kent Beck – XP 2018

Really good conversation about agile adoption

Esther Derby and Matthew Carlson "There Are No More Early Adopters of Agile" 2021/11/22

Pretty sure it all start with psychological safety.

Now would be a great time to start working on my yikes-bot again

They said we were experimenting on the backs of children,” Danner said. “But when SpaceX launched their first five rockets and they blew up, was that OK?

Comparing failed rocket tests and awful teaching practices by lying private corporations is wild.


I was looking for an objective ranking of countries based on the standards of living, and all I got was americans trying to explain why their free speech is better than my free speech, and why I don’t understand their 2nd thingy about weapon that kill people.

I used to dream about working there, being a developer and all. But good god that ship has sailed.

⚔️ The green knight is amazing

🔫 No time to die was a painful experience. The first 1/3 of the movie was really good, but then…

💍 Shang-Chi on the other end was very enjoyable. Almost didn’t look at my phone the entire time!

Never imagined it’d be so hard to convert HTML to an image using .net core…

I’m curious about what people mean when they say that “under-engineering is worse than over-engineering”.

Like, how do you even under-engineer something? You deliver software that does nothing? Or errors all the time?

That’s not under-engineering, that’s unprofessional! Why would you even deploy non-working software?

Sometimes I spend a long time time reviewing even a simple PR because it takes so much energy trying to ignore my feelings about async ‘work’

Just came back to work after a week being sick and resting 24/7. Already burned-out 🥱

Melbourne never disappoints 🤩

I’ve been ready for the notch for years! 😅

All the talk about remote work vs back to the office is boring. People once again trying to generalize their own little experience around something that was already broken before COVID hit.

For product teams: rethink the office. Let teams (not people) choose how and where they work. Give direction, not goals.

From neugierig.org

For example, imagine two applications A and B that are identical except in one way: application A has an additional test suite that collects a set of slow, flaky tests, which require painful manual updates.

Now suppose someone showed up to B with a patch making it like A: “Hey, this patch adds a bunch of tests. Note: they take a very long time to run, when they fail it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong, and when you change things in the app you will have to do a lot of tedious work to update them. Oh and also, though I’m giving you the code now, you’re on the hook forever for keeping it going into the future.” Would you accept the patch? I wouldn’t. And if that is so, you could reasonably argue you should also just delete the tests in application A.

This is an amazing way to look at existing code you need to revisit. The cost of maintenance is higher than the sunk cost of writing the code in the first place.

I’ve always wondered how the hatch and docking mechanism made way to the astronauts between modules. Here is an awesome video explaining the docking sequence/mechanism and how the crew managed passage

Apollo Docking sequence - Connecting the Command Module to the Lunar Module.

This article hits home on the mentorship issue I’m facing at the moment, and on why I accepted an offer last week and will be leaving my current position in 3 weeks.

I miss having a mentor

It’s been 17 months since my manager left, with still no technical replacement in sight. I really miss the challenging, high-level debates.

Amazing sunset tonight #melbourne

I just resigned. It feels super strange. This is only my second full-time employer since I started my career 13 years ago.

They gave me the opportunity to migrate to Australia permanently. It’s not nothing.

New week. Happy Monday everyone

🎬 Currently watching: Tenet. Wish me luck!

Just got off the phone with an HR person who sent me an offer for the established Australian company. Really exciting opportunity!

Turns out spending 3.5h today in job interviews, two of them back-to-back, was a lot more tiring than I thought.

I’m in bed at 9pm, unable to concentrate on a talk show video on Youtube…


Just had the nicest interview in a while, and also the weirdest, back-to-back.

Both are for a similar role, although one is pre-seed and the other one is Australian-owned and established.

Both are in domains I know next to nothing about.

I hope I get an offer from the established company because it’s a safe bet. But at the same time I really want to know more about the security company…

We’ll see how it goes next week I guess, nothing is going to happen before then.