Serverless (the ‘framework’) joins the long list of stuff that should have stayed private side-projects but became trash fires instead

Teams/Slack but without the online status

So how’s this metaverse thing doing?

Well well, I see Postman is still doing its best to prevent me from using it…. Today: can’t switch profile cause the desktop app isn’t updated after the switch is done on the web. Have to install their agent to run from Edge. No thanks 🤡

Mate I’ve tried to buy/listen to something with Audible and this shit is just pure trash. My prime membership gives me a credit a month? How do I spend it? Do I need to sub to listen to anything? HOW DOES IT WORK!?

Having the time of my life working with Google APIs from a react-native project. Maps API doesn’t support service-to-service auth? What a dream…

DevEx went so far back in the list of concerns of execs that we accept react native as a legit, usable tool to develop stuff. Crazy

The switch between needing workers and needing to work has flipped

I want the news (like it was reported two decades ago) without the hot takes you find on the bird site. Twitter, without replies and RTs

Show me a visual reporting framework that isn’t 10000% garbage

95-ish% lunar eclipse from Melbourne (and Fidji 931 inbound 🛬) 🌘

Hopefully just a joke… Meta employees to be offered real estate in the Metaverse as part of severance package. — Douglas A. Boneparth (@dougboneparth) November 7, 2022

Hiring managers: “there’s no right or wrong answer to this challenge” Also hiring managers: “your solution wasn’t production ready because a config value was hard-coded” So many questions… but probably dodged a bullet there…

At this point I just stay connected to the bird site just to witness its end.

Man all these ‘A day in the life of a software engineer at [any SV tech company]’ sure as hell looks lonely AF. Do you folks even have someone to talk to at the office?

How to make sure you stay in business as a moving company? Have owners decide tenants can’t move during weekends. Smarts!

one must further conclude that any code gener­ated by Copilot may contain lurking license or IP violations. In that case, the only prudent posi­tion is to reject Copilot THIS COPILOT IS STUPID AND WANTS TO KILL ME by Matthew Butterick

If I ever burn out, it won’t be because of yet another dumb architecture decision or the legacy code blocking innovation… It’ll be the office politics

Gotta love how most pilots youtube videos are a collection of complaints about how travelling in business class sucks

The system I’m working on is so complex and unreadable it took me 3 hours this morning to update a string in the database

Super tired of the posture “We’re doing it right so let’s keep doing it” vs how I feel on the inside: “Can we improve on this? Should we be doing something else?”

Let’s just say that if I needed to test a senior dev during an interview process, the first thing I WOULD NOT do is have them load an Excel sheet to get data…

What you are describing is not microservices, it’s a monolith that you need to deploy in multiple parts

This project is still WIP and will be updated soon with new features. It never was.